Year: 2023

My Country Research Project

This blog post is to tell about My country research project which is unfinished because I was supposed to complete a physical poster to show. So my country of choice was France. A country in western Europe. The country has a really interesting history. And its food is pretty surprising. So today I will be explaining about the country by topic.


Type of government: Republic

President: Emmanuel Macron

Political party in power: Renaissance


Flower: Fleur de Lis

Animal: Gallic Rooster

Anthem/song: La Marseillaise

Language: French

Think before you share

Today for inquiry, we are doing cybersmart. The goal is to find out what you can post online and what you can keep private.

My highlight was finding out what is private and what is not.

My lowlight was when I was nearly stumped about finding out.

Something I can work is identifying what I can post on the internet.

Anger & Frustration.

This week for inquiry, we have been learning about how we can handle anger and frustration. I think it is important to take care of other people when someone is angry. There were multiple questions around anger and frustration. Firstly, we had to do a bus stop around 6 different questions. Then we had to act those questions out in a “skit” type way. The skit was about the questions, instead of reading why we can show why. So the question my group did was “What tools can be used to deal with anger and frustration?”. Which means what can we use to help someone who’s angry. Everyone thought that eating, breathing and drinking water can help someone who’s feeling angry. I’ve learned that it’s important to help someone who’s feeling sad.