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Maths Revision

Today, we have done some word problems or “Revision”. It’s basically all of the equations put into one slide deck. Anyway nothing really gets hard, maybe the first slide is the hardest but yeah, a pretty chill slide. Hope you enjoy!

Addition Strategies

WALT: Solve addition and subtraction word problems, add and subtract decimals

Hello people, today I have finished another math slide! This is tidy numbers and number line strategies. These are very easy ways to do your addition. So I hope you like these slides. If you see something wrong, that might just because I am very tired okay? Enjoy!

Week 4 Word Problems

WALT: Illustrate how I solve a mixture of problems.

Hello everybody, today I have some work fresh out of the oven with some word problems. Our WALT tells us how we are going to work out a problem.

For example we are trying to figure out how many apples are on the table. There are 8 apples on the table and someone puts another 4 apples onto the table. How many apples are there now? Aka 8+4. Now when we do this, I don’t just put 8+4=12. NO. Instead I do 8 apples + 4 apples = 10 apples, that is how specific you have to be. So enjoy this slide!

Mixed Word Problems

WALT: Illustrate the steps I used to solve each problem.

Today, I did some normal word problems, but the catch is that we don’t care about the answer, I mean we do but not today, we care about how to solve the problem. The working out has to be as specific so it makes sense, as some word problems can be so confusing and hard, but that’s how maths work, to solve problems that haven’t been solved yet. Anyway I hope you enjoy this slide right here!

Statistical Inventigations

WALT: Carry out a statistical investigation by using the PPDAC method.

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog for 2024! I will be posting here every week and I hope you will enjoy my posts for 2024!

This week, we learned about statistical investigations and collecting data is different questions in our class (Room 2). Which would help us to collect data based on asking questions to people.

We used the PPDAC method, which stands for Problem, Plan, Data, Analyse and Conclusion.

My question was “What is your favorite fizzy drink?” and the results were.. expected. Coke was 1st which was not surprising. 2nd was a three way tie with Sprite, Fanta and Lift. And in last place was Pepsi, which was expected.