ANZAC Day is a holiday which is celebrated by New Zealand and Australia about the soldiers who fought at the infamous Gallipoli Peninsula in World War 1. ANZAC Day is on April 25, the day the soldiers touched Turkish soil.

Why do we celebrate ANZAC Day? Well it’s to honour the soldiers who served Australia and New Zealand in the first world war.

How important is ANZAC Day? When it comes to the two countries, it is very important. We really like to commemorate this day. And if you wanna know why we use poppies it is because the ANZAC soldiers sent poppies to their loved ones.

What do Anzac biscuits have to do with the holiday? Anzac biscuits is a sweet biscuit that is important to the holiday because their wife would make those biscuits during war. The ingredients were simple, which made it easier to take during naval transportations and they take some time to spoil.