Revolting Rhymes – Audiobook

Hello everybody, today I made an audiobook on Cinderella from the book ‘Revolting Rhymes’. The main reason why I did this is because of how I can focus on my expression, enthusiasm, and tone to an audience. I love to have feedback on my audiobook, like on how

Immersion Assembly – Transformers (not the robots)

Today, Term 2 has started and we had the traditional immersion assembly. The theme is Transformers, which is about drama. Like usual each team had an item. Here are my favorite items from today: Senior Management was kind of good, there was a pharaoh, your friendly neighborhood Spider Man, Elastic Girl and a soldier. I had a couple laughs but that’s it. Team 3 was also a good one. It was like a spin off of Matilda, specifically the chocolate cake part. Bobby-Jon was a good pick for the boy eating the cake, which is why I think it was a pretty solid play. Another good one was Team 5, which played off Cinderella. Mr Moran is probably one of the “best” actors I’ve ever seen, the evil sisters are also pretty good actors. I liked the twist at the end where Cinderella married the narrator and air kissed each other?!?! I do appreciate all of the other items (team 1 and 2), but my favorite is (not to be biased) is probably Team 5!

My DLO – Term 1 2024

Hello guys, today I have finally completed my DLO for this term, if you don’t know, our DLO for this term is about my me and my family. It will tell people about where you and your parents come from and how they came to New Zealand. So that’s why we are doing it. If you like it please comment! Hope you enjoy

Maths Revision

Today, we have done some word problems or “Revision”. It’s basically all of the equations put into one slide deck. Anyway nothing really gets hard, maybe the first slide is the hardest but yeah, a pretty chill slide. Hope you enjoy!

My Easter Holiday

What does Easter mean to me and my family?

Easter to me used to be a fun egg hunt in my backyard, now it’s just me getting a chocolate egg every year.

What did I do during the long Easter weekend? 

The last five days was the Easter long weekend. I didn’t really do much, other than having a feast with my family, otherwise I just played on my PlayStation.

What do I look forward to in the school holidays?

I don’t really expect much in the holidays, to me it’s just a big break from school (even though it is) but sometimes it’s fun depending on what happens this holiday.

Addition Strategies

WALT: Solve addition and subtraction word problems, add and subtract decimals

Hello people, today I have finished another math slide! This is tidy numbers and number line strategies. These are very easy ways to do your addition. So I hope you like these slides. If you see something wrong, that might just because I am very tired okay? Enjoy!