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My Robot Spider

Today I built a robot spider in Mana Ako Club. It was more complicated than you think, it had batteries, wires, gears, and more! It’s actually more harder than you think.

The wiring of the robot was interesting, as I didn’t know how to do it but it was more straight forward than you think. Now was the time to race, we had to bet with rubber bands to see who went to the finish line first. completing the race gives you double the bands and winning first gives you triple the bands.

But the point of building a robot spider isn’t because of having races with the final product (which is what happened), but learning along the way, and having perseverance by never giving up. I’m not gonna lie but I nearly gave up because building the spider legs was almost annoying, but I instead got help from my friends and got it finished in time.

I hope you enjoy my spider!


Toilets in the past 100 years

Today at Mana Ako Club, we learned about the technology that humans invented, and what helped our normal life. We had to research our technology based off a spinning wheel, and I got toilet of course, but anyway, why is the toilet a piece of technology? Well technology doesn’t have to include electricity, but the toilet is considered technology because it can safely store.. you know. I mean imagine you’re in the stone age, and need to go pee or even a number 2., you would have to go outside and go to a bush and do your business. So thats why the toilet is a piece of technology. Also check out these toilets for the past century. I hope you enjoyed my little banter about toilets!