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Would you Rather? (W1, T2)


I would choose to go into a world with no video games because computers can help people in many ways. Video games are fun but are not important to use.

 Like in a hospital, patients need to be treated with computers to make medicine. This is also how they make special chemicals to make the medicine by mixing them together in a special way.

 For education, computers can be useful for many reasons. Kids get really used to using computers and it is easy to learn with computers.

For research on something, computers can be smart enough to research a specific topic like astronomy, science, etc.


Task Description: This week for writing, I wrote a would you rather about no computers or no video games. I chose video games.

Writing: Would you rather?

Would you rather go 100 years in the past or 100 years into the future?

I would like to go 100 years into the future because it can be more exciting. Bring in 2122 will be awesome because the technogy is fun to use. School will be different because pencil and paper will not be used. Business will get wealthy because the worth of the dollar will increase. If I travel to the past, it will be unsafe because it will be common to the executed.So it would be safe in the future.