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Revolting Rhymes – Audiobook

Hello everybody, today I made an audiobook on Cinderella from the book ‘Revolting Rhymes’. The main reason why I did this is because of how I can focus on my expression, enthusiasm, and tone to an audience. I love to have feedback on my audiobook, like on how

One Friday Morning – Book Trailer

Sorry for the late post but this is a book trailer about One Friday Morning by Langston Hughes. A book trailer is like a movie trailer, where it gets you interested in something by previewing it to somebody via in this case, video. And if I am quiet, that’s because it dark and I forgot to do this so sorry! Anyways enjoy.

20 Minute City Writing


Title A 20 Minute City
Introduction A 20 minute city is a concept of commuting to different facilities in under 20 minutes, hence the name “20 minute cities”. It would be quicker and better than a normal city. A 20 minute city would have everything from supermarkets, hospitals, parks and recreation, education and even public transport, all in the span of 15-20 minutes. There are many benefits of living in a 20 minute city.

1st element

The first benefit is travel. Since public facilities will be within reach in 20 minutes, it’s faster to travel since you don’t need to travel anywhere else but the suburb that you live in. For example, if you are trying to go to the dairy in a normal city, travel times would take around 5-15 minutes. But thanks to the amazing concept of a 20 minute city, travel times get sliced into a good 3-10 minutes. In fact, some residents can walk there in just a couple minutes.

2nd element

My second benefit is emissions and money which is in relation to the first benefit. Since commuting is way closer, you would save petrol, which would lower emissions in a 20 minute city, rather than increasing emissions by traffic jams on the motorway. Saving petrol would also save money, and even your mental health, let me explain.

Since there wouldn’t be as much traffic, you would have good mental health because you won’t have to show your misery in your regular rush hour traffic. But a 20 minute city would be close enough to take a bus or even walk to work.


3rd element

My third and final benefit is mental health. Since there would be lower emissions, active commuting and with the editions of greenspace and parks and traffic jams. Quality air would be a big reason.
Conclusion So those were benefits to a 20 minute city. Travel, saving money and mental health. This topic was very interesting and I hope that this idea goes forward into countries. In fact cities like Paris, Barcelona and even New York. 

Dawn Raid 3

Hey guys. Today I have finished Part 3 of the Dawn Raid story. I have been really interested in this book. So have the time to check out the slides. And on the last slides is where I have to do these create tasks. Those tasks are below this blurb.

Task 1: Sofia’s jumping onto milk truck scene

Task 2: Sofia’s money jar