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My Invention Design

Today I have finished my design for my invention I posted earlier. If you didn’t know, my invention is the Teleportation Machine. And here is my final design. I wanted to make the machine built in the house. And on the side is tablet. Used to set the location and tell you if it works or not. Click the next slide to see the tablet in full.

Field Notes:

  • The Elvis statue in the machine was not created by me
  • Teleportation machines are usually in living rooms, unless you are rich and get to have it in every room in the house
  • The map on the tablet is powered by Google Maps
  • If the machine is broken (red light), then it would just not even turn on
  • The circles on the top are said “lights”
  • why would there be windows near the machine?

Links to other slides:

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Saving the World, One Swipe at a Time – Research

Today at Extension, we read a book called “Saving the World, One Swipe at a Time” by Peter Griffin. This slideshow is my research about the book. It tells you what the book is, and my thoughts on the book.

It was about the clever people in New Zealand who created inventions and their backstory as to why they did it. These people are Dmitry Selitskiy, Anna Guenther and Hayden Laird. I really that this boo is great and also inspire others to create their own inventions.

If you would like to read it the book yourself, click here. I promise it isn’t a malware link 🙂

Y7&8 extension movie script

Hi guys, this was my script (with Salem) for our Film Festival movie. This was from last term but I hope that it gives you a sense of what the movie would be. Leave a positive comment if you liked it!


Dear new government, 

Since the elections are over, we would like to suggest some things that would make a good government. 

Let’s start off on the young children, we think you should improve in things related to healthcare. It would also be amazing to help all the single mums and dads out there, just to make life even better! We think it is very important to focus more on the children and how their future is going to go and not just focus on spending all of your money on printing even more money! We need them to pursue jobs that get them successful in life and not on the streets with no money and food.

Another point is money. Currently, New Zealand is having a horrible time if we’re talking about economics.

(2nd script) Another point is money. Currently, New Zealand is still under recession, which means that the economic activity……


Extension Term 2

Hello everybody, this is my creation from term 2. Let me explain, In term 2 at extension, we were tasked to be a fashion designer by creating a dress for an event in my country. In this case I chose to do a Spanish wedding. We had to think about whether it was Socially consciousness, Sustainably and Cultural appropriate. I really had to think about the meaning and the design itself. I didn’t have enough time to the bride but I did finish the groom.

Check it out!

The PDF file: The Suit