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Extension Term 2

Hello everybody, this is my creation from term 2. Let me explain, In term 2 at extension, we were tasked to be a fashion designer by creating a dress for an event in my country. In this case I chose to do a Spanish wedding. We had to think about whether it was Socially consciousness, Sustainably and Cultural appropriate. I really had to think about the meaning and the design itself. I didn’t have enough time to the bride but I did finish the groom.

Check it out!

The PDF file: The Suit

What does it mean to be in extension?

What is extension? Extension is a special group of people of “smart” Year 5’s & 6’s that do special work (specifically research) on interesting topics like what I just posted (Wildlife & Nature).

What should I work on while in extension? Making detailed research and be more confindent on public speaking.

What will get me to be stuck? Miss West’s (the teacher) confuesing sentences and difficult words.