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Thank you KPMG and Synergy Health!

I would like to thank KPMG and Justine for making us have a great day at the City. I am very grateful to be there that day and learn new things. And hey that lunch was the best. I wish to see you again soon.

I would also like to thank Synergy Health for giving us these pedometers. They are really fun to use and they can count steps, which will really come into use so thank you.

Extension Term 2

Hello everybody, this is my creation from term 2. Let me explain, In term 2 at extension, we were tasked to be a fashion designer by creating a dress for an event in my country. In this case I chose to do a Spanish wedding. We had to think about whether it was Socially consciousness, Sustainably and Cultural appropriate. I really had to think about the meaning and the design itself. I didn’t have enough time to the bride but I did finish the groom.

Check it out!

The PDF file: The Suit

Writers Festival

On one Tuesday morning. The extension group went to the writers festival. And this is how it went.

In the early cold breeze was the festival, at the Aotea centre theater.

There were 4 authors: Jason Reynolds, Mary-anne Scott, Johanna Emeney and Sarah Laing & Dahlia and Mani Malaeulu.

My favourite was Jason Reynolds, because I like how he makes everyone laugh. And his books look interesting.

The theater was very big. I had a fear of heights and we were on the balcony of the theater, but the view was great.

PENN 2023

I am a presenter for PENN, the Pt England News Network. PENN is a television show airing from Monday to Thursday. What I do for PENN is presenting information (like sport) to show to the school via the TV. But you also do stuff like setting up the green screen or turning on the red light. But I also do something else that is special. I fill in information for the Weather segment. Where I find temperatures and sun times using MetService. Then I find tides and water temperatures using Safe Swim. But that’s not all! I am also currently working on a new and improved Weather section for the news with new graphics and information, like a new upgrade instead of standing telling the viewer. Now the presenter gets to move their entire arm to show the viewer what the presenter is actually talking about.  I’m planning to add a weather warning slide w7here a mini diagram is shown to the viewer about the following warning in our area, in this case Pt England.

For more information about how I find information for weather and see more of the new and improved weather, please watch this video featuring your one and only.