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Response: Chinese Food

Food in China – Questions



Highlight the correct answer for each question.




1) How often do Chinese people buy fresh vegetables and fruit?

Daily or from day to day


2) Chinese food consists of which four food groups?

Grains, vegetables, fruit and meat.


3) Rice is eaten more in which part of China?

South China.


4) Why do Chinese people not eat a lot of milk & dairy products?

Because most of the population is lactose and tolerant.


5) In a Chinese diet how many meals will contain rice?

Almost all of them.


6) What happens to someone who does not eat all of their rice?

They will marry someone with a pimple-scarred face.


7) Every grain of rice is described as “a hardship of labour”. What do those words mean?

To do hard labour


Hardship Definition: To suffer
Labour Definition: Doing hard work  (mostly physical work)


8) What do you think is meant by “a hardship of labour” now?

A sign of respect for doing the work?


EXTRA)  Do your family practice using tea or different herbs to help with health? If they do, tell me about them!


Response to text: China

China – Questions


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Where is China located?

  1. a) Eastern Asia b) Eastern Africa
  2. c) Eastern South America d) Eastern Europe

2) What is the official name of China?

  1. a) The Kingdom of China b) The Republic of China
  2. c)  The People’s China d) The People’s Republic of China 

3) What is the capital city of China?

  1. a) Taiwan b) Beijing
  2. c) Hong Kong d) Xiamen

4) What two things does China have?

  1. a) World’s tallest mountain range & longest river b) World’s tallest mountain range and Asia’s longest river
  2. c) Asia’s tallest mountain and longest river d) Asia’s tallest mountain range and world’s longest river

5) What fraction of China’s population live in cities?

  1. a) 1/4 (quarter) b) 1/2 (half)
  2. c) 1/5 (fifth) d) 1/3 (third)

6) Which of these is NOT a Chinese invention?

  1. a) Swords b) Gunpowder
  2. c) Paper d) Silk

7) Give me 3 examples of things the Chinese used to create art.


  1. a) Jade b) Bronze c)  Paper

8) Which Chinese animal is endangered? 

Giant pandas

  1. How many are left in the wild?

1.8 thousand.

Response: French Landmarks

France Landmarks            

Please read the article on French Landmarks here before answering the questions.


Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. How many people visit France each year? 


  1. a) 80 Thousand                     b) 800 Million
  2. c) 80 Million                                     d) 8 Million


  1. The Eiffel Tower is found in which French city?


  1. a) Bordeaux             b) Paris
  2. c) Marseille                d) Lyon


  1. The Eiffel Tower was built in 


  1. a) 1999           b) 1840
  2. c) 1898                       d) 1889


  1. List one fact about Versailles from the reading


Versailles was used to be for the French Kings during the French Revolution.


  1. True or False: The Arc de Triomphe was built to honour French soldiers who fought during the war. 


  1. a) True b) False


  1. The Louvre Museum is the biggest museum in the world and holds a famous piece of art called  


  1. a) The Starry Night             b) The Modern Lisa
  2. c) The Mona Lisa                               d) Sunflowers

Response: French Food!

French Food
Please read the article on French Food here before answering the questions.

1) Food in France is also known as French
a) Fries b) Toast
c) Cuisine d) Cheese

2) French food has influenced the style of cooking throughout
a) North America b) Europe
c) Australasia d) Asia

3) In the South of France people prefer to use this in their cooking
a) butter b) canola oil
c) water d) olive oil and garlic

4) A well known type of bread in France is called a
a) scone b) baguette
c) crepe d) bun

5) Crepes are usually filled with chocolate sauce and fresh fruit
True b) False

6) Crepes are never filled with a savoury filling
a) True b) False

7) A well known cheese that the French are famous for is
a) Colby b) Cheddar
c) Camembert d) Mozzarella cheese

8) Ratatouille is a thick stew that is made from these vegetables
a) carrots and peas b) lettuce and cabbage
c) kumara and corn c) tomatoes and bell peppers

9) The word ratatouille translates to
a) motley crew b) motley stew
c) motley crue d) mouldy stew

10) Escargot is the French name for
a) cheese b) truffles
c) snails d) baguettes