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France – Response to Text
Please read the article on France here before answering the questions.

1) France is a country in Europe.
a) True b) False

2) France is the largest country in
a) Northern Europe b) Western Europe
c) Eastern Europe d) Southern Europe

3) The capital city of France is
a) London b) Wellington
c) Paris d) Rome

4) The population of France is
a) 5 million b) 100 million
c) 50 million d) 67 million

5) The currency (money) in France is called the
a) Euro b) Dollar
c) Peso d) Tālā

6) One of the most famous products sold to other countries by the French is
a) T-Shirts b) Vacuums
c) Cheese d) Electronics

7) The number of tourists who visit France each year is approximately
a) 8 Million b) 80 Million
c) 80 Thousand d) 800 Million

8) Bordeaux is a famous wine region in France
a) False b) True

9) France is well known for its food such as
a) crepes b) baguettes
c) truffles d) all of the above

10) Escargot is the French name for a famous French delicacy made from
a) cheese b) truffles
c) snails d) baguettes

Response: Animals in Antarctica

Antarctic Animals – Questions
Please read the article on Antarctica here before answering the questions.

Emperor Penguins

1) What is the scientific name for Emperor Penguins?
Aptenodytes forsteri

2) The Emperor penguin is the ____________ of all penguins:
a) Tallest b) Heaviest
c) Smelliest d) a&b


3) What does the blue whale eat?
a) Fish b) Krill
c) Penguins d) a&b

4) How big can Blue Whales grow?
a) 30m b) 3m
c) 300mm d) 30cm


5) What do the Fur seals eat?

Leopard Seals

6) What is the scientific name for Leopard seals
Hydrurga leptonyx

7) How much time do they spend in the ocean?
100 minutes

No Wolves or Polar bears?

8) Wolves and Polar bears live in the?
a) South Pole b) North Pole
c) Parakai d) a&b

Response: Antarctica

Antarctica – Questions
Please read the article on Antarctica before answering the questions.

Antarctica is a continent

1) Antarctica is the [……….?] most continent.
a) Northernmost b) Southernmost
c) Easternmost d) Westernmost

2) Antarctica surrounds the north pole.
a) True b) False

3) What does the name Antarctica mean?
a) Ant Country b) South Country
c) Ice Country d) Opposite to the Arctic

No Countries

4) How many countries are there in the continent of Antarctica?
a) 23 b) 7
c) 1 d) 0

5) How many countries claim different parts of Antarctica?
a) 23 b) 7
c) 1 d) 0

6) What language do Native Antarctic people speak?
a) English b) Antarcticguese
c) Antarcticish d) None of the above

Ice Ice Baby

7) What percentage of Antarctica is covered in a giant ice sheet?
a) 90% b) 4,776%
c) 98% d) 2%

8) What does an Antarctic Oasis mean?
a) An area without ice b) A band
c) A lake d) A video game

Daylight for Six Months

9) How long does it stay dark in Antarctica
a) 12 hours b) 12 months
c) 6 weeks d) 6 months

10) What two seasons does Antarctica have?
a) Spring and Summer b) Winter and more winter
c) Summer and Winter d) Trick question (there are 4 seasons)

What does it mean to be in extension?

What is extension? Extension is a special group of people of “smart” Year 5’s & 6’s that do special work (specifically research) on interesting topics like what I just posted (Wildlife & Nature).

What should I work on while in extension? Making detailed research and be more confindent on public speaking.

What will get me to be stuck? Miss West’s (the teacher) confuesing sentences and difficult words.