Day: May 13, 2022

Weekly Writing

In this essay, I will argue that video games should be taught in school. To support my argument, I will use three points; Firstly, gaming can help the person in their communication. Secondly the person’s skill can improve into the sport they play. And lastly, gaming won’t make the person unintelligent.

When you’re coding,  kids can learn to code by playing games. So that they know the simple mechanics of the game and implement it into their game.

 Or if speaking to the school, games can be used to practise their speech like when you are talking to people you don’t even know.

 When you play sports, skill in games can be used to do strategies and position. Games can also help you find people from far away which is good for looking for your teammates in sport. 

For action games, it can make children make better decisions quicker. It can also not trigger the kid to not be violent. 

Games can improve grey matter (Grey matter can be made out of memory, perception, muscle control and spatial navigation.). If you’re playing games at school, it won’t change the child’s intelligence.

Games can teach people how to talk to people, how good strategies can be and learn how to code.