Month: May 2022

Weekly Response: Navigation


Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. The technique of looking for and locating objects on the shore to navigate is called?


  1. a) Navigation 
  2. b) Dead Reckoning
  3. c) Piloting
  4. d) Lighthouses


2.What is dead reckoning


  1. a) Using objects on the shore to navigate        
  2. b) Recording how far you have travelled in each direction based on a fixed point
  3. c) Using the stars and Sun to decide which way to go
  4. d) Making dead people decide which way to go


  1. Using the Sun, Moon, and stars to navigate is called?


  1. a) Celestial movement b) Global Positioning System
  2. c) Celestial Navigation d) none of the above


  1. Explain, in your own words, how you think GPS (Global Positioning Systems) work.


→GPS uses satellites to track your location. The information from the satellites then go to the receiver aka your phone.


  1. True or False: Submarines use high frequency radiation to navigate underwater.


  1. a) True b) False


  1. What are the people outside of an aircraft who help navigate planes called?


  1. a) Pilots b) Navigators
  2. c) Air Traffic Controllers d) Playstation Controllers


celestial Using directions from the sky. My ancestors used celestial navigation.
global Relating to the world. Global warming is important.
compass A device with a magnetic pointer to point to directions. I used my compass to go back home.

Weekly Writing

In this essay, I will argue that video games should be taught in school. To support my argument, I will use three points; Firstly, gaming can help the person in their communication. Secondly the person’s skill can improve into the sport they play. And lastly, gaming won’t make the person unintelligent.

When you’re coding,  kids can learn to code by playing games. So that they know the simple mechanics of the game and implement it into their game.

 Or if speaking to the school, games can be used to practise their speech like when you are talking to people you don’t even know.

 When you play sports, skill in games can be used to do strategies and position. Games can also help you find people from far away which is good for looking for your teammates in sport. 

For action games, it can make children make better decisions quicker. It can also not trigger the kid to not be violent. 

Games can improve grey matter (Grey matter can be made out of memory, perception, muscle control and spatial navigation.). If you’re playing games at school, it won’t change the child’s intelligence.

Games can teach people how to talk to people, how good strategies can be and learn how to code.

Weekly Response: Video games (Consoles)

Video Games

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. What is the name of a specialised device used to play a video game at home?


  1. a) PC 
  2. b) Controller
  3. c) Console
  4. d) Video Game


  1. What is the best selling video game console of all time? 


  1. a) Xbox       b) Nintendo 64
  2. c) Playstation 2     d) Playstation 5


  1. Console games which have been recreated so they can be played on PCs are called?


  1. a) Emulsions           b) Emulators
  2. c) Transistors d) Emotional Damage


  1. What are the two reasons people like to play old games on their PC?


→For people who are young and want to play.

→And for people who played it before when they were young.


  1. True or False: Video games used to come on cartridges.


  1. a) True b) False


manufacturer The maker of something. The manufacturer made my game.
download To copy data from one computer to another. I downloaded my photos.
designed Putting detail onto something. Sony designed the Playstation.


  1. Explain: Do you think video games are good for kids? Explain why,or why not.


→ No beacuse video games are not important to the day. Scientists have studied that video games make people lazy and unhealthy. If you are outside and get fresh air, there will be no stress and sore backs. If you play those violent games. It may cause your brain to act like the game. You can stress if you rage in the game or overthing the game.