Day: February 17, 2022

What does it mean to be in extension?

What is extension? Extension is a special group of people of “smart” Year 5’s & 6’s that do special work (specifically research) on interesting topics like what I just posted (Wildlife & Nature).

What should I work on while in extension? Making detailed research and be more confindent on public speaking.

What will get me to be stuck? Miss West’s (the teacher) confuesing sentences and difficult words.

FIRST POST! Weekly Writing: Narrative

One morning, a man named Logan Osman had a vacation in Auckland, But what he didn’t know was that Osman would risk his life for just stealing a wet red can of sweet old good Coca-Cola.

 It’s the morning of March 11th and he had made it to the airport. He would be able to stay there for 1 week. He didn’t come prepared becuase it was the start of spring so he didn’t hesitate to this problem. He then went in a taxi, rented a car and drove to an airport inn nearby. Osman went to get lunch because he came early in the morning. “I’m SOOO thirsty!” Said Osman after he drank his last bottle of water in his room. So guess what? He got a drink… But wait, he didn’t pay for it!?!? He ran out the door and the owner tries to catch him but he was just too fast, so instead he called the cops. While Osman ran into his rental car and drove away Thinking he won’t call the police but he did anyway and was on the chase. A little bit after he was at the shop, he went to Auckland City for some weird reason but he didn’t care (Because his inn was near the airport and which was 30 minutes away). After Osman was at a sharp turn at the contruction site, he rammed the police car crashing into the wall of the buildings. Osman then got chased by the FBI? But why it was just a police car, well they are serious. They had rifles pointing straight ahead Osman’s car, the FBI fired his car and hit the window making the glass scrape his leg. He then got out of the city and drove to south of the airport (ok where is he going now?) and was at Drury. He had nothing to do but wait, he had random stuff in his car.

(Probably from the last owner) there were plastic cups and string. Osman tied the string onto the cup to make it like a lasso, then whacked it straight into one of the FBI people and knocked him down then making him knock the driver making him knock the whole car off the motorway. He won the batt–le… THE ARMY!?!? Now that is too much for him right? He thought he was done for but he remembered something… He had a passion of wingsuiting. And he luckily had it in his car, Osman had a plan. When the tank was behind him, he was preparing for his plan. And after the tank touched the back of the car he jumped out the window like a squirrel and went into the car next to the tank. (for some reason the driver of the other car was right next to the chase and didn’t care) Osman went on the window and went through, he kicked the driver out the car and took control. While the tank crushed his rental car and was still chasing after him. Eventually the tank gave up and Osman had a win win! He went to the pharmacy nearby to get some bandages because Osman hut multiple cuts on his body, then he went back to his airport inn to put the bandages on him. For the rest of the journey he acted like a normal person.

But why did he want to do that? He doesn’t know why but he’s happy that he survived. The driver who got kicked by Osman was alright, the police car and the FBI people was also A.O.K! And then Osman went back home on March 18th. This would be one of the only memories he would remember…